Five years ago a shaft of light pierced the darkness. Smaug the Golden, once the scourge of he north, lies now at the bottom of Long Lake with a black-feathered arrow lodged in his ribs. The Dwarves of Durin’s line have reoccupied their ancient halls beneath Erebor and make the mountainsides and valley ring with sounds of rebuilding. At the feet of the mountain, newly-crowned King Bard presides over the rebirth of Dale. After many decades of fearful isolation, merchants, emissaries, and soldiers once more travel the length and breadth of the Wilderland and beyond forging new links of trade and alliance between the free people. To the south, the broken gates of Dol Guldur lay open and the hauntingly beautiful ruin stands empty and silent. The Necormancer has fled. After nearly two millennia, the Shadow that had lain heavily over the land and its people begins to lift. It is as if in answer to Elven prayers, Elbereth had cast a purifying light into the dark corners of Mirkwood; yet taint remains as do many of the Necromancer’s servants. Has the Shadow been defeated or is it gathering strength for another assault? Can a fellowship of heroes fight to hold back the darkness? Their plight may be considered desperate, even hopeless, but they will at least save something from the inevitable doom.

Darkening of Mirkwood

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